The Office of the Haitian diaspora

Who We Are

Who We Are:

The Office of the Haitian Diaspora known by its French Acronym ODIHA is a U.S. based 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization with its headquarter in Haiti. ODIHA has two main purposes: Effective Advocacy on behalf of the Haitian Diaspora and full integration of the Haitian Diaspora at all levels of Haitian Society. As such, ODIHA has developed several programs to assist Haitian immigrants and ensure an easy transition and integration in American society.  ODIHA also serves as a bridge between members of the Haitian Diaspora, the Haitian government, Civil Society, the international community, and local organizations in Haiti, the United States, France, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil and other countries.  ODIHA’s immediate goal is to develop and increase our membership, only with numbers and financial resources can ODIHA be effective.  ODIHA’s long term plan is to have an office in each of Haiti’s ten departments to work with local officials to identify projects and gather the necessary resources to make these projects a reality. In that sense, we encourage the Haitian diaspora to work with ODHIA and invest in their own hometown’s development. We can only ask for help when we begin to do for ourselves.  To become a member of ODIHA (Click here).


Our Mission is simple to assist the Haitian Diaspora in assimilating in the country where they live while fostering opportunities for total integration of the Haitian Diaspora in Haiti.


ODIHA has many objectives, which are listed in our Bylaws.


Our immediate goal is to increase our membership in every country where Haitians reside; to provide programming and services that will help the Haitian community economically; and to provide opportunity and assistance to those who want to invest and return to Haiti.

Slogan: « Konbit tèt ansanm pou n leve Ayiti pi wo ».